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Pinnacle Odds Dropper

15% Discount & 21-day Money Back Guarantee

The Pinnacle Odds Dropper is a third party alert system that detects falls in Pinnacle sportsbook betting odds, allowing you to place value bets at other bookmakers where their prices have not yet adjusted to reflect the implied probability.

Like my own Wisdom of (Pinnacle) Crowd betting system (see BETTING SYSTEMS menu to your right), the success of this system lies in the accuracy (efficiency) of Pinnacle's betting odds.

The Pinnacle Odds dropper will notify you in real time of these price movements, and offers filters allowing you to focus on the markets and matches that most interest you.

The regular susbcription is £34 per month but though Football-Data you can claim a 15% discount. There is also a 21 day money-back guarantee. The product currently supports soccer, tennis, basketball, hockey, American football, MMA and baseball, and both pre-match and in-play betting.

The success of this methodology has been historically well-established. Your only problem maximising the profitbalility you can achieve from it long term will be avoiding the staking limitatons and account restrictions that will follow from bookmakers without taking steps to disguise your betting from using it. These might include, but are not limited to, making multiple rather than single bets, avoiding best-in-market prices, and keeping stakes to smallish 2-figure sizes.

I don't typically endorse third party products, but I've made an exception here because I know from my own research that the methodology behind the betting system is proven and robust.

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Legal disclaimer: Football-Data will not be responsible for any losses incurred as a result of using the Pinnacle Odds Dropper product. Any form of betting or gambling can results in losses as well as profits and those doing so should be fully aware of the risks and wager only what they can afford to lose.